Media mentions & reviews

Matcha Tea Review by World's Greatest Medical &
Fitness - Health & Fitness Network, USA

"Stronger & Smoother than Green Tea....contains super super fine powder.....Kick of coffee, but
smoothness of tea!....It's the Real Deal ceremonial grade stuff"

World's Greatest Medical & Fitness - Health & Fitness Network, USA

Collagen Powder Review by John Basedow, USA

"Fountain of youth in a jar.....! I am impressed with how easily dissolvable NutriZing's Collagen is....noticed
less joint stiffness after workouts & a bit smoother skin....that's a win!"

John Basedow - TV personality, Fitness Model, Founder and Author of 'Fitness Made Simple' video series

Collagen Powder Review by Francesca Chantal,
YouTube celebrity blogger, Italy

"Thanks to NutriZing, you can improve bone and skin health and have more energy and also help your
nails. The powder is very thin, does not form clots and dissolves in any drink contains essential and non-
essential complex amino acids."

Francesca Chantal , YouTube celebrity blogger, Italy

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Review
by Chloé Guerin, Singer and Lifestyle blogger, France

Vitamin K2