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Biotin (10,000mcg)

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The Secret to Healthy Skin, Strong Nails and Shiny Hair!

Have you struggled with hair problems, split ends or thinning hair? Or brittle nails and skin problems? 

We all know somebody who always seems to have great looking hair, skin and nails, and have wondered what the secret is…..well, the magic is here. You can have that special formula too! 

Also known as vitamin H, Biotin supports better hair, skin and nails.

So buy it today if you’ve always wanted to get that thick, full head of hair, shiny nails and great looking skin!
Better health starts here.

Love Your Hair – Remarkable Results! 

Brilliant little supplement - great little tablet , just one a day to provide all you need for healthy hair skin and nails, ive taken other brands before that are 1) very expensive 2) less quantity so poor value. will definitely re purchase and recommend.”  Ms. Sewrey 

The most scientifically proven benefit of biotin in that it is known to support keratin growth. 

If you are fed up with thinning hair, or suffer from split ends and hair breakage, NutriZing's Biotin will help your problems! Which means that you’ll enjoy shiny, thicker and fuller looking hair. It can also be used together with Propecia or other hair-loss treatments such as Regaine. 

And our biotin doesn't just do this to hair, but it also helps your nails to grow. Nails are also made of keratin, so the stronger the keratin in our body, the stronger our nails are. 

So if you are worried about brittle or peeling nails, this is the solution to your problems. Users have said it works wonders on nails! 

So get ready for a full head of hair, and users have reported thickening strands and more vibrant looks.

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Why NutriZing’s Biotin?

Our biotin is high potency 10000mcg and free from soy, gluten, and any artificial flavours or colours.  So if you have any allergies, you can still take this product without any worries! It is also said to be better than shampoo because it is taken internally. 

Plus, we make our biotin in tablet form so it is easier to swallow than capsules. It makes no difference to how it is absorbed by the body, but is very convenient to those who have difficulty swallowing large capsules. 

100% GUARANTEED! Beware of cheap imports. Our Biotin is made in the UK, and we also offer a complete money back guarantee. Either your satisfaction, or money back 

NutriZing is a small family owned business, and we only make products with high quality ingredients that we believe in. Our company is dedicated to providing people with high quality health and nutrition supplements for an all-round healthy life, and we promise to provide a friendly shopping experience and personalized customer service.

What Will You Get from our Biotin? 

When you purchase from us today, here's what you can look forward to:

  • High Strength 10000mcg product as easy to swallow tablets
  • Promotes growth of hair, skin and nails
  • Made in the UK, with 100% money back guarantee

 Our Happiness Policy 

Don’t like? Just return it. And get a refund. It’s simple.

We are confident that our products will improve your life, and if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know. 

So try it at no risk. 

Better health starts here.

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