Collagen Peptides powder

Collagen Peptides powder

Collagen is an important structural protein of human body, which enables regeneration of connective tissues, including skin, cartilage and bones. Collagen peptides are small bioactive peptides, made by controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen. They are highly bioavailable and it is believed that they have many benefits, including promotion of healthy ageing, joint and bone health, skin beauty, as well as potential use in sports nutrition.

Joint health

Randomized, placebo controlled trial investigated impact of collagen hydrolysate (peptides) on the joint pain management in subjects of both gender, at least 50 years old. Two hundred patients experiencing joint pain were included and allocated to receive either collagen peptides or placebo for 6 months.  The authors of the study aimed to compare a number of clinical responders between the treatment and placebo group. Responders were defined as subject with significant clinical improvements (by 20% or more) in the most painful joints. At the end of intervention, the proportion of responders was significantly higher in group supplemented with collagen peptides, in comparison with the placebo.1

Another study investigated impact of collagen peptides on the physical activity-related joint pain in subjects who are physically active without any evidence of joint disease. Over 140 athletes of both genders were included and assigned to receive either collagen peptides or placebo for 24 weeks. The primary aim was to assess effects of collagen peptides on pain, movements and inflammation of joints, measured by visual analogue scales. In comparison with the placebo, the collagen group experienced significant reductions in several parameters, including joint pain at rest, joint pain when walking and joint pain when standing, among others. This study supported the use of collagen peptides in athletes in order to increase performance (by reducing activity-related pain).2


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Skin ageing

Scientific literature has suggested beneficial effects of collagen peptides on skin health, mediated by their influence of hyaluronic acid production by skin fibroblasts. One placebo controlled trial investigated impact of 8 weeks long collagen peptides ingestion on the reduction of facial ageing signs. At the end of intervention, collagen peptides improved facial skin conditions, i.e. improved skin moisture, elasticity and reduced wrinkles and roughness.1

Another placebo controlled study demonstrated beneficial impact of collagen hydrolysate, consisted of collagen peptides, on skin parameters related to ageing. This study included 69 women aged 35 to 55 years and assigned them to receive either collagen hydrolysate (two intervention groups, receiving two different dosages of hydrolysate) or placebo (control group) for 8 weeks. At the end of intervention, skin elasticity in both intervention groups significantly improved in comparison to the placebo.2


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Nails growth

Brittle nail syndrome (referring to peeling nails) represents common problem among women. A recent study has investigated whether supplementation with collagen peptides may improve nail growth and reduce symptoms of brittle nail syndrome. It included 25 participants who consumed collagen peptides supplement for 24 weeks. Supplementation with collagen peptides resulted in significant increase in nail growth and decrease in frequency of broken nails. Importantly, 80% of participants were satisfied with the treatment and agreed that collagen peptides improved appearance of their nails.1


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