NutriZing's Manuka Honey 60+ ~ 100% Pure New Zealand Honey

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Enjoy The Goodness Of Nature’s Liquid Gold

Not all honey is the same, and we at NutriZing aim to bring to your kitchen the best sourced products from across the world.

Manuka honey is not your usual ordinary honey. Think of it as nature’s liquid gold. The precious contents found in a jar are well documented as a natural remedy and have tremendous health benefits.

If you’re tired of honey that just tastes sweet and is a sugary overload, it’s time to try our Manuka Honey. We promise – you won’t be disappointed.

Better health starts here. 


What Makes NutriZing’s Manuka Honey Different? 

PURE FROM NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand brings to mind fascinating landscapes and pristine vistas filled with flowers, trees and birds. Our honey is sourced from the same native forests, from bees that buzz above the delicate flowers for pollen. It is 100% pure, untouched and unpasteurized.  Sourced, packed & labeled in New Zealand for genuine, unadulterated quality.  So you can enjoy honey the way nature intended.

Bees manufacture this golden goodness from the flowers of the Manuka tree in their homeland of New Zealand. The Kiwis boast the only known natural source of Manuka honey, making it a rare treat to enjoy.

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the main substance in Manuka honey responsible for the Non Peroxide Activity. Our honey is certified 60+


What Are The Benefits Of Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey contains prebiotic bacteria that go to work in reducing inflammation of the GI tract. Combined with antioxidants from polyphenols, and a rich royal jelly, Manuka honey contains enzymes that clear the blood of free-radicals. The bacteria have a potent anti-microbial effect, and it also has a use as a topical disinfectant.

Good quality Manuka honey is available from sustainable, organic, bee farms that raise their bees with no added sugar syrup in their diet to bolster harvest yield.


Keep Your Skin Glowing

Ever feel like your skin has lost its glow? We hate that feeling.

Manuka honey can work well as a beauty therapy in your own home. Spread a thin layer over your face and let the mask set for twenty to thirty minutes. The polyphenols in Manuka honey help repair the skin’s natural defense barrier, making it efficient at retaining and absorbing moisture.

The result? Skin that feels smooth, supple and awakened……whether you’ve had a good eight hour’s sleep or not!


Improve Your Body’s Defences And Fight Cold & Flu

Sometimes we feel like our body’s defences are weak, the immune system is slacking and our day is dull. Well, Manuka honey is a natural superfood that will put up your body’s defences.

The next time mother nature throws a flu curveball at you, hit back with a serving of Manuka honey mixed into green tea. The honey will coat your throat and reduce irritation.

Manuka honey can also help in the prevention of biofilm-producing bacteria building up in the sinus. Irrigating the nasal passages and sinus with a honey solution will be more effective than traditional saline irrigation.


Heals From The Skin To Your Gut 

Manuka honey can be used to accelerate the healing process of injuries. Manuka can treat cuts, abrasions, and burns as well. Spread the honey over the wound and benefit from the potent anti-microbial compounds found in this golden superfood.


The prebiotic and probiotic compounds, known as oligosaccharides, found in Manuka honey help the digestive system improve assimilation of nutrients from your food. The honey will also soothe the symptoms of ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders.


……Oh, And Tastes Great Too….!! 

After all, it’s honey! Even if you’re just looking to pep up your breakfast, you can’t go wrong with this natural sweetener from New Zealand.


Spread honey on some whole-wheat toast with grass-fed butter or use it as a sweetener in your morning coffee. The low-glycemic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal nature of Manuka will improve your health and immune function.