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  • "I love your organic matcha tea as it gives me a much needed boost later in the morning!! It has a crisp and clean taste and is easy to make up. I’ve used it for a few months and couldn’t be without my daily matcha cuppa!!!"

    - Adam Trigg
  • "I have been taking Nutrizing 600mcgm of K2 since Oct 2016 (and 10000 i.u. of Vitamin D daily) and have achieved a measurable improvement in kidney function. I am a retired general practitioner with my hobby being medical research. As far as I am concerned vitamin K2 with vitamin D is amazing as regards cardiovascular disease. My kidney function tests have improved by 18% in the year since starting daily Nutrizing K2 600 mcg"

    - Dr. Roy
  • "So I’m here to finally review as it’s been a month and WOW! I’m impressed! I have lots of new hair sprouting and my skin is looking good, at 4O I wanted to keep my skin youthful and did lots of research and I was astounded by what I found out about collagen! If you search hard enough you will find people actually cancelled hip operation after 6 weeks if taking it! Just google that it will come up! My other reason for taking this supplement was to protect myself from Gym injuries and it plumps our all the tissues meaning more cushion so less change of injury! I take mine in a hot chocolate made with raw cacao and grated orange peel! Delish!"

    - Claire
  • "I purchased Biotin about 2 months ago and i've definitely notice my hair growth. Very happy with the results so far"

    - Nicola
  • "I love your Matcha Green tea. That is my first time in trying this type of green tea. I've always had the everyday ones in a bag!! Very different obviously from those teas, much stronger and different taste. It gives me amazing energy to keep me going through the day. I use it for my smoothies, protein shakes, regular green tea. I think it is helping my health a lot. Delightful Matcha tea. I have been using this since December 2017"

    - Slavyana
  • "Got this vitamin D as a gift. Fantastic stuff,high dosage."

    - Dorota
  • "Have been taking your D3 and K2 supplements for a three months now and find all my aches and pains are slowly ebbing away, fantastic product "

    - Austin
  • "I have been vegan for many years and have always used pea protein to supplement my diet. Nutrizing is the best pea protein I have used so far as it does not have a chalky texture and blends really well into smoothies. The best thing about this product is that is is the only pea protein that I could find that does not originate in China and is grown in Canada. I would highly recommend! "

    - Sophy
  • "it is super vit. K2 the only product 600 mcg and best value for money"

    - Grazia
  • "My mum "Tina" had poor mobility due to osteoporosis having 4 fractures on her spine causing a bend and constant pain. Since taking the K2 and D3 in the high dosage that you do provide. She is now able to walk alot better and less of a bend on her spine and easing the constant pain. She totally loves these and would recommend them to anyone else with osteoporosis."

    - Tina
  • "I have a problem with osteoporosis. My friend sent me articles as to how vitamin K2 is important for the installation of calcium in the bone. In my country, I do not have the opportunity to buy a particular vitamin K2. Looking at your site, I immediately knew it was right. Great greetings from Slobodan"

    - Slobodan
  • "My skin never feels and look better ,since I start using Collagen peptide in the last few months my skin improve a lot and my body feels great too ,is a very good product for sure,many thanks to Nutrizing I am very happy because I chose this product from so many others from market"

    - Magdalena
  • "Goes great with my green juices"

    - Jatinder
  • "Love this company, good ethics, great products"

    - Crawford