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Vitamin K2 (600 MCG)

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The ‘Essential’ Vitamin That’s Sometimes Forgotten

Vitamin K is often overlooked and is actually rare in most Western diets. The key function of Vitamin K is modifying or ‘activating’ certain proteins to give them the ability to bind calcium. While Vitamin K1 is generally used by the liver for blood clotting proteins, it is Vitamin K2 that is important for other health benefits including for the bones, heart, gums & teeth, and even to provide more energy.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin and is naturally found in certain animal and fermented foods.

Read on for more details, and get ready to experience life changing results! We promise – you won’t be disappointed.

Better health starts here. 


What Makes NutriZing’s Vitamin K2 So Effective? 

Vitamin K2 is a breakthrough for those who want to improve the health of their joints, heart and teeth.

Our Vitamin K2 is high strength 600mcg and derived from healthy fermented Natto.

It is in the form of MK-7 (menaquinone) and is more than 90% Trans. The result? It is more effective and stays longer in the body as compared to the MK-4 form of Vitamin K2.

We also use 100% vegetarian capsules for our product, and it contains no gluten. It is made in the UK at GMP approved facilities, so you can be sure of the quality.



Imagine Relief From Osteoporosis, Joint Pain or Teeth Decay 

“Life changing product - I have been suffering with musculoskeletal pain for over a year, and was taking very high doses of morphine until a specialist recommended that I take a combination of supplements Including vitamin k which is of vital importance for bone and vascular health.. I chose NutriZing after comparing many brands, and I'm so happy I did. I've been taking the supplements for 3 weeks and I am already feeling the benefits, so much so that the morphine has been significantly reduced.” – Shantelle

“So glad I purchased!!! - An update 6 months on.... I definitely feel as though taking the K2 daily has improved my lower back pain. To the extent that flare ups are rare and usually triggered by the obvious such as excessive driving or time spent seated. It’s given me enough confidence to start Pilates sessions which I was previously too fearful of triggering the pain to do so would suggest anyone with back pain gives them a go, you don’t have anything to lose! – Macca Dollie

Scientists have been studying the relationship between Vitamin K2 and bone health, and several studies have pointed out the benefits of taking Vitamin K2 on bone and joint health.


It is also effective for menopausal women, and other groups that are at a risk of developing osteoporosis. Research has indicated that Vitamin K2 helps slow down the rate of bone weakening after menopause, and also boosts the effectiveness of other osteoporosis medications.

As mentioned by the US National Library of Medicine, Vitamin K2 sustains the lumbar bone mineral density (BMD) and prevents osteoporotic fractures in patients with age-related osteoporosis.

In addition, Vitamin K2 is also said to be important for healthy teeth and dental hygiene. It plays a key role in healthy tooth enamel and dentin immune response. Vitamin K2 does this by activating a glycoprotein called Osteocalcin in our dentin matrix that is required for healthy healing of our teeth.



Combine With Vitamin D3 For The Best Results 

“so I am truly delighted. Its the first time I have combined D3 ...Bought these to go with Vitamin D3 which I purchased at the same time. The effect was virtually immediate: mood improved and a noticeable reduction in joint pain. Its rare to buy a product which actually does what it says it will, so I am truly delighted. Its the first time I have combined D3 with K2, and the beneficial effects of the D3 appear to be magnified by the combination of K2, so I am very pleased indeed. I have used D3 for a long time, but, when I run out, I wait to see if there is a difference, and there was: mood quite down and pain levels up noticeably - reversed by the intake of D3 and K2. The addition of K2 seems to have emphasised/boosted the expected positive aspects of taking D3........” – J M Jones

Vitamin K2 is called the missing nutrient, and in part because many people do not combine it with Vitamin D and calcium to achieve the best results.

These vitamins act synergistically to deliver the best results for your body. There is growing evidence that Vitamin K2 directs calcium towards the bones (where you need it), rather than letting it be deposited in arteries or organs (where you don’t want it). By activating a protein hormone called osteocalcin, Vitamin K2 helps bind the calcium into the matrix of our bones, and prevents it from getting lodged in arteries. So while increasing calcium is good for bones, it may not be good for the arteries if it gets deposited there.

 So try the winning combo of Vitamin K2 + Vitamin D3 for the best results. Your bones and joints will thank you for it!


For A Healthy Heart! 

Because of its properties to direct calcium towards bones and away from the arteries, Vitamin K2 is very important for heart health. A build-up of calcium may lead to hardening of arteries or getting them clogged.

Vitamin K2 comes to the rescue by directing the calcium towards the bones where you most need it.

Scientists have presented evidence that vitamin K2 can reduce the progression of atherosclerosis, which is the “blockage” of the arteries that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.


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Better health starts here.

Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Bone Up
I fractured a bone at the base of my knee. Banged into something. sign that I had weak bones and was prone to fracture. My teeth weren’t doing so well either. I had to give up my zumba classes to heal. I extensively researched the nutrients I needed for bone building. Calcium magnesium vit d and vit k. It wasn't till i added the k to my diet that I noticed that the bone soreness was gone. I even followed my son in a marathon a few months afterwards. And that's coming from someone who had pain climbing the stairs and pain on walking. This K2 is a great product. I'm also studying to become a nutritionist and I read that the vitamin K in green leafy veges is used primarily for blood coagulation while the K2 of microbial sources has an affinity for the bones teeth. That could explain why my parsley and spirulina weren't going where I wanted them to. Cheers to the company who makes these products.


Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Great Product
These are great occlusion training bands and perfectly made. These are tough and durable and will work together with even the most rigorous workouts. Grab some of these today!

- Wade Harman

Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Great value K2
Best value vitamin K2 I found, most others seemed to have much lower content of K2. I believe the MK7 is the most effective form. Also delivered very promptly. !


Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Perfect dose for vitamin balance effectiveness
A perfect balance to my D3. The recommended dose to ensure calcium intake goes where it is needed. I have felt a real difference. Reduced bone and muscle aches. 3 months supply at a great price. Highly recommended, will definately buy again.

- Wade

Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Five Star
Using in conjunction with vitamin D and it is excellent. Early days yet, but feeling good!!!


Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Good quality. And I'm happy.
I started taking them and so far I'm happy with this product. It's doing what it says.


Amazing Product and Amazing quality .

Well worth buying
Great quality supplement, I could feel the benefits straight away, especially when combined with Vitamin D .


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