Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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  • POWERFUL, POTENT & PROVEN – SCIENTIFIC STUDY BASED: Don’t take our word about the superiority of these probiotics: LOOK AT the REVIEWS and ASK YOURSELF, isn’t this why I’m buying lactobacillus for my health? Results this good only come from 100% pure & natural probiotics that are fully OPTIMIZED for ABSORPTION and effect. Nothing else compares.
  • HIGH STRENGTH. GUARANTEED LIVE CULTURES! Our ADVANCED and LATEST lactobacillus formula contains a high strength of 5 billion CFU/Serving dose for the best results. The tablets are absorption optimized and manufactured using a special 'deep freeze' method that ensures the bacterial strains stay alive for longer. There's no need for refrigeration and the bacterial strains are shelf-life stable
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Numerous studies show that gut bacteria have a profound effect on our health. But because of factors such as illness, stress, antibiotic medication or dietary changes the levels of good bacteria in your stomach may reduce. Restore this delicate balance by our quick-acting tablets. The Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacterial strain in our product is one of the most important for health
  • WORKS BEAUTIFULLY: 1000’s OF CUSTOMERS & NOT A SINGLE complaint about how effective this supplement is. With one of the highest reorder rates on the market, it’s no wonder this is the GO-TO CHOICE for people looking to stay on track towards health goals. NutriZing is also GMP Certified, and to provide you the best quality, our GMO-FREE probiotic is MADE in the UK as per ISO and HACCP guidelines. Works best for gut health and a healthy digestive system
  • TRY IT RISK-FREE for 4 TIMES LONGER THAN YOU NEED: EVEN THOUGH ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE shows this supplement TRANSFORMS LIVES in an average of 14 DAYS, we’ll give you a full 60 days to see results, plus donate a significant portion of your purchase to the charity MagicBreakfast, ensuring 600,000 British primary school children get warm, nourishing nutrition for breakfast, just for giving it a chance.