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    Tea Master


    "I am a Tea Master (tea-somm), and work with different restaurants and hotels. I am also on the lookout for premium grade teas, try out different recipes using tea."

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  • "When I came across NutriZing's Matcha Tea, I found it to be of very high quality, and an authentic premium grade from Japan. I have tried it both using traditional methods to make tea, and also in different recipes. NutriZing's Matcha is ceremonial grade, and has a very authentic flavour which is great for relaxation and calmness.


    I also use NutriZing's Montmorency Cherry supplement regularly. My work involves a lot of travel, which means I miss out on sleep from time to time. I have found that the cherry supplement helps my sleep, and it's of great help when I suffer from jet lag."

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  • "As a tea master, I will recommend NutriZing's Matcha Tea if you're looking for a high quality, premium tea that is grown using traditional methods in Japan"

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