Montmorency Cherry

Montmorency Cherry capsules

Montmorency (tart) cherries contain potent phytochemicals, i.e. polyphenols which bring numerous health benefits.  Polyphenols are the most important dietary antioxidants and can be applied in prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular ones (due to regulation of blood pressure and endothelial function). Also, scientific evidence is indicating that Montmorency cherries can be used for muscle recovery (after exercise) and treatment of insomnia among other conditions.

Vascular function

Placebo controlled, cross-over trial investigated the effects of Montmorency cherries concentrate on vascular function in males with early hypertension. Fifteen participants received both cherries concentrate and placebo at two separated occasions (separated by two weeks) and effects on blood pressure and vascular function were measured acutely, i.e. after the consumption. In comparison with the placebo, Montmorency cherries concentrate significantly reduced systolic blood pressure, with peak reduction at 2h upon consumption. These acute effects (in a single dose) were associated with the occurrence of phenolic acids in the blood.


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Muscle recovery

One study investigated whether short-term intervention with capsules containing powdered Montmorency cherries can attenuate muscle soreness and recover muscle damage and strength loss caused by body strength exercise. 23 healthy resistance-trained males were assigned to receive either cherries capsules or placebo for 10 days including a day of exercise (up to 48 hours post exercise).  As a result, supplementation with Montmorency cherries surrounding a single bout exercise attenuated muscle soreness, strength decrement in recovery and beneficially affected markers of muscle catabolism (creatinine, AST, ALT). 

In another, placebo controlled study, 16 soccer players were assigned to consume either Montmorency cherries concentrate or placebo for 8 consequent days. On the day 5 participants completed adopted version of intermittent sprint test, while blood was collected up to 72 hours post exercise (8th day).  Comparing with the placebo, indices of performance recovered faster in Montmorency cherries supplemented group, while muscle soreness was lower. In addition, blood markers of inflammation were attenuated in the same group.


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A very recent study investigate the impact of Montmorency cherry juice on sleeping pattern in subjects older than 50 years with insomnia. 8 healthy subjects were assigned to receive both juice and placebo (for 2 weeks) in two intervention periods separated by 2-week wash out phase. Sleep was evaluated by validated questionnaires and by polysomnography as well.  Cherry juice increased the sleep time (by 84 minutes on polysomnography) and improved sleep efficiency (on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index). This was a pilot study with promising results indicating potential use of Montmorency cherry capsules in people with insomnia or bad sleeping pattern.


  • Losso JN, Finley JW, Karki N, et al. Pilot Study of the Tart Cherry Juice for the Treatment of Insomnia and Investigation of Mechanisms. Am J Ther. 2018;25(2):e194-e201.